THE BIG BUDGIE  by Alejandra de la Torre


Our first art project in Melbourne has been this amazing mural with our epic artist Alejandra de la Torre. She was painting «The Big Budgie» at Rose St Artist Market, in the creative neighbourhood of Fitzroy, Melbourne. A special location for unique artwork.

«The budgies are the third best-known pet in the world, but nobody knows that the budgies are Australian birds, for this reason, I decided to make a great budgie when they invite me to paint in Melbourne.»

Alejandra de la Torre

 You are more than welcome to visit the place and enjoy «The big budgie». The Rose St Artist Market opens on weekends but you can stop weekly at the spot and enjoy the mural.

More photos at Escalera de Incendios FB.

FALLING IN LOVE WITH… Alejandra de la Torre. Interview and more.

ALEJANDRA DE LA TORRE in Escalera de Incendios.

ROSE ST ARTIST MARKET. 60 Rose Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065. Melbourne. Australia.


#smartnature by Natalia Carminati

solo show

#smartnature is a group of installations that integrate sculpture, sound and video to represent natural spaces of a dystopian reality in which the human being lives in the fullness of simulation.

The project is based on a current view of Plato’s myth Allegory of the Cave: the human being, in love with the possibilities of virtual representation, manages to recreate in the interior space of the cave all that was revealed outside without ever abandoning that instance of fullness prior to the relief of knowledge. What’s outside is simulated inside, what is far away is imitated here, everything unknown is known thanks to the renewable processes of reproduction that technology gives us.

This project is curated by Anna Garcia for Escalera de Incendios at Loop Video Art Festival in Barcelona.

From 14th to 23rd of November in Mutuo Centro de Arte. Opening Thursday 14th of November at 20:00h.


MUTUO Centro de Arte. Carrer Méndez Núñez, 7. 08003 Barcelona. Spain.

LOOP Festival from 12nd to 24th of November 2019. Barcelona. Spain.

NATALIA CARMINATI in Escalera de Incendios.


group show


BBB Johannes Deimling

Camila Cañeque

Marc Montijano

Miguel Andrés

Natalia Carminati

Nina Maskiell & Mishka Beckmann

Omar Jerez & Julia Martínez

Nina Maskiell & Mishka Beckmann

The body talks without words. Performance art encrypts messages in the body and lets the audience figure them out through the body’s actions. 9COSSOS gives voice to those voiceless bodies. Screaming “Performance!” to reach everyone, overcoming performance’s art present moment to showcase the pieces in an exhibition format and at a timeless moment in time. 9COSSOS is a tribute to the body and to action art. Bodies that show themselves in deferred, conversing with the audience through space and time.

 Miguel Andrés

9COSSOS aims to give relevance to performance art with the human body as a means of expression, through an exhibition proposal consisting of the works of 9 national and international artists related to performance art.

Performance art emphasizes the action of the/the artist to produce art, rather than the production of an object itself. It is an ephemeral art and it is created knowing it won’t last, so it gains action freedom. Works ranging from records of past performances, such as photographs and videos, or installations, we also find works that come from research processes with the body itself as a means of expression.

Natalia Carminati

9 performance artists showcasing their artworks, which range from video, photography or object formats to Video-performance, Photo-performance, Videoart, or any other representation of performance action as an object. Several experiences, researching processes, actions, thoughts and concepts expressing through the time.

BBB Johannes Deimling

BBB JOHANNES DEIMLING. ‘One day I’m gonna make the onion cry #5’. The performance images of the artist are initially created purely visual but gradually access to all the senses to form a holistic view on the banalities of everyday life with all its challenges and changes.

CAMILA CAÑEQUE. Focus on the absence of the body with her work ‘Mattress’. A photography of a simple mattress reminds us of the absence of her body. Pure concept.

MARC MONTIJANO. ‘Las dos naturalezas’ (Metamorphosis XXI). He works with the principle of the two natures of the human being: a material and a spiritual one.

MIGUEL ANDRÉS. ‘HIV Rejected’. Whole his body branded with a red stamp that announces ‘HIV Rejected’ reminds us of the stigma and rejection that people living with HIV continue to live in that situation. The artist experience in his HIV-positive body.

NATALIA CARMINATI. ‘Sand Walk’ is a multimedia project that integrates performance, installation, video live stream and sound experimentation. The performance consists of a rhythm of 64 actions performed “as if about to catch the train” (J. Cage). The intention of the body is to achieve emasculation by means of repetition in order to reach the intrinsic gesture of each action, devoid of the performer’s personality and emptied of interpretation.

NINA MASKIELL & MISHKA BECKMANN. ‘Puncture’. Conceptually, it is an expression of self-exploration and aims to subvert and disrupt the body. Through movement and texture, the body is extended beyond its own perceived identity. A disfigured character exists in an undefined space exploring its form and potential for experimentation as the body prepares itself to become a testing ground for change.

OMAR JEREZ & JULIA MARTÍNEZ . ‘Il Corriere della Camorra’. They make us travel to Naples, the birthplace of the Italian Camorra. In this artwork, the artists denounce the criminal organization through the distribution of 6000 copies (estimated number of victims of the organization) of a fictitious newspaper that shows the havoc generated by the mafia.

Omar Jerez & Julia Martínez

Escalera de Incendios presents 9COSSOS its latest exhibition project during the 5th edition of the Young Gallery Weekend art festival in Barcelona. A project matured by Miguel Andrés, Performance Art School director, in collaboration with Anna García, Escalera de Incendios director, both independent artists and art curators. Who have been working hand in hand from Barcelona and Melbourne to make this show a reality. At this time, the Anaglifos Art Factory will transform into a space exclusively for the purpose of showcasing performance art.

Marc Montijano

Young Gallery Weekend 5th Edition [from 26th to 29th of September]


Camila Cañeque

#ygw2019 #giveme5

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