Current art project. Collective exhibition. Young Gallery Weekend Art Festival. Barcelona.

Escalera de Incendios presents 9COSSOS its latest exhibition project during the 5th edition of the Young Gallery Weekend art festival in Barcelona. A project matured by Miguel Andrés, Performance Art School director, in collaboration with Anna García, Escalera de Incendios director, both independent artists and art curators. Who have been working hand in hand from Barcelona and Melbourne to make this show a reality. At this time, the Anaglifos Art Factory will transform into space exclusively for the purpose of showcasing performance art.

Performance art emphasizes the action of the/the artist to produce art, rather than the production of an object itself. It is an ephemeral art and it is created knowing it won’t last, so it gains action freedom. 9COSSOS aims to give relevance to performance art with the human body as a means of expression, through an exhibition proposal consisting of the works of 9 national and international artists. Works ranging from records of past performances, such as photographs and videos, or installations, we also find works that come from research processes with the body itself as a means of expression.

BBB Johannes Deimling, Camila Cañeque, Julia Martínez, Natalia Carminati, Nina Maskiell, Marc Montijano, Miguel Andrés, Mishka Beckmann and Omar Jerez are the 9 artists that form the 9COSSOS exhibition group. Several experiences, researching processes, actions, thoughts and concepts expressing through the time. 9COSSOS is a tribute to the body and action art. Bodies that show themselves in deferred, conversing with the audience through space and time.

Saturday 28th at 12 PM, in a YGW ‘Art Routes’, the Performance Art School students will have the opportunity to show their artworks made during the seminar. As a result of the new educational program of the festival, Young Performance Art. Another opportunity to enjoy and understand this art discipline.