I cannot imagine the world without any way that creating, investigating, and reflecting. Art turns on the engine of my life. The escape valve of my emotion, personality, and intellect. Also in my way to connect with the world and trying to understand it.

Human being and all about it are the main focus of my researches. Discovering the essence of human being, as well as his nature. It becomes in an exciting adventure because everything that surrounds man fascinates me and must be explored. Looking for a utopian world, social justice and human rights. Also a fierce criticism of capitalism and consumer society. These issues resonate as leitmotiv in my work. Turning my art into a political and vindictive act with the aim of wake up awareness.

My body is brush and canvas for my creations. A transgressive weapon with which to communicate, to generate dialogues and new languages through performance and video art.

First-person research is paramount in my creation process. It intertwines with the person to become in an enriching work of self-knowledge. Looking insatiably for transcendence through art to find a meaning to this life that seems to lack it.