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SALTAMONTES by Alejandra de la Torre

850,00 €

‘Saltamontes’ is part of the project ‘Vale por un viaje’. 2016/2018.

The fair is that light space, colour and fun in which, especially in childhood and adolescence, we enjoy so much, but as we grow up it shows us another face. That part punishes, dirty and crappy, which is what defines these spaces and differentiates them from amusement parks. This decadence is what makes these spaces so interesting and unique, spaces where the most childish fun is mixed with alcohol, blank guns and game. It is like the image of the drunk clown of the typical circus that runs through the different cities of Spain.

Attracted by the personality and aesthetics of these spaces, colourful but at the same time decadent and trapped in time, the series «Vale por un viaje» is born.

Descripción del Producto

Original artwork. Mixed media on paper. 70x70cm. 2016.