Natalia Carminati

SUGAR BEET H7-1 by Natalia Carminati

150,00 €

SUGAR BEET H7-1 is part of the Happy Seeds Project.

“Seed is the ultimate embodiment of continuous creation” Vandana Shiva.
From the seed comes the seed, comes the seed, comes the seed infinitely. In Hindi, the seeds are called Bija, which means: Ja = life and Bi = that in which life arises on its own forever. Two characteristics define the very nature of seeds: they regenerate and multiply.

What happens when creation, rather than being an inherent force in nature, becomes an artificial and privatized cycle owned by those corporations who have benefited from the production of chemicals for war? What’s left when the wisdom gathered generation after generation of farmers is patented and we are deprived of this common collective knowledge? What if farmers were no longer allowed to save the seeds produced by their crops? What would happen if the hundreds of thousands of varieties of corn, banana, rice and the food we eat every day were reduced to extensions of monocultures that grow from sterile seeds no longer able to pollinate and communicate with nature?
Eating would become a political act, the seed a weapon, food sovereignty a war. Intellectual property rights allow large multinationals such as Monsanto (Bayer) to become the owners of the seeds they “create”, thus the owners of life. Therefore, all the inhabitants of the planet are governed by the same seeds dictatorship that has not sealed its territorial borders, as is the case with the immigration laws that control the movements of people throughout the world. The territory of action of this seed monopoly is the entire world and, potentially, all organisms can be managed by the same system of exploitation and artificial selection, which condemns them to mutate and optimize or disappear.

Descripción del Producto

Mixed media: clay, acrylic, varnish, vinyl and polyethylene foam.
Package: 13 x 14.5 cm / seeds: 1.5 cm. 10 seeds per package. 2019.