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THE COLLECTION by Alejandra de la Torre [SOLD

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Why do we collect? What starts a collection? Does a finished collection make sense?

It could be said, to sum up, that the main reasons why we usually accumulate are three: a possible future use, attachment or sentimental value and collecting. In this artwork, the artist focus on collecting, because this form of acquisition presents some specific characteristics, which is what makes it so interesting and attractive, as it seems that it reigns a non-existent order in other cumulative habits. It is curious how we differentiate the collector, from other types of accumulators, the person is not a consumer anymore, is an explorer, a researcher, in a great understanding of a specific object, whose goal is to acquire the greatest number of variables of this same element, through the collection, revel in «the prizes» he or she has gots.
In this project, the creative process has the same relevance as the final work.

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Original Artwork. 2015.

Mixed media: graphite, marker, pen, acrylic and marker Posca Ë on different types of paper. Each one of the pieces is made on a different type of paper and each figure are made in a different colour or technique.

200×120 cm approximately. We would have to add the distance with the real plastic piece and the distance to the ground where the other pieces are discarded, 78 pieces of 17×12 cm arranged in 6 rows of 13 pieces each, plus a plastic figure and holder, 5,5×10 cm.