The body talks without words. Performance art encrypts messages in the body and lets the audience figure them out through the body’s actions. 9COSSOS gives voice to those voiceless bodies. Screaming “Performance!” to reach everyone, overcoming performance’s art present moment to showcase the pieces in an exhibition format and at a timeless moment in time. 9COSSOS is a tribute to the body and to action art. Bodies that show themselves in deferred, conversing with the audience through space and time.

9COSSOS has as an objective giving importance to performance art and showing the human body as a means of expression. This goal is manifested in an exhibition that includes 9 artworks by 9 national and international artists related to performance art. The exhibition will represent Escalera de Incendios (EDI) at the Young Gallery Weekend (YGW) art festival. The show will run for 3 days at Barcelona’s Anaglifos Art Factory, from the 27th to the 29th of September 2019. The official partner is the Performance Art School (PAS). The project is curated by Miguel Andrés and Anna García. Miguel Andrés is an independent artist and curator, and the director of PAS. Anna García is also an independent artist and curator, and the director of EDI. Both curators will choose 9 performance artists to show their artworks, which range from video, photography or object formats to Video-performance, Photo-performance, Videoart, or any other representation of performance action as an object. All the pieces will be accompanied by a short statement about each work and its artist.


BBB Johannes Deimling

Camila Cañeque

Marc Montijano

Miguel Andrés

Natalia Carminati

Nina Maskiel & Mishka Beckmann

Omar Jerez & Julia Martínez

Young Gallery Weekend 5th Edition [from 26th to 29th of September]


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