#smartnature by Natalia Carminati

solo show

Barcelona. 2019.

#smartnature is a group of installations that integrate sculpture, sound and video to represent natural spaces of a dystopian reality in which the human being lives in the fullness of simulation.

The project is based on a current view of Plato’s myth Allegory of the Cave: the human being, in love with the possibilities of virtual representation, manages to recreate in the interior space of the cave all that was revealed outside without ever abandoning that instance of fullness prior to the relief of knowledge. What’s outside is simulated inside, what is far away is imitated here, everything unknown is known thanks to the renewable processes of reproduction that technology gives us.

This project is curated by Anna Garcia for Escalera de Incendios at Loop Video Art Festival in Barcelona.

From 14th to 23rd of November in Mutuo Centro de Arte. Opening Thursday 14th of November at 20:00h. 2019.

MUTUO Centro de Arte. Carrer Méndez Núñez, 7. 08003 Barcelona. Spain.

LOOP Festival from 12nd to 24th of November 2019. Barcelona. Spain.

NATALIA CARMINATI in Escalera de Incendios.