THE BIG BUDGIE  by Alejandra de la Torre


Melbourne. 2020.

Our first art project in Melbourne has been this amazing mural with our epic artist Alejandra de la Torre. She was painting «The Big Budgie» at Rose St Artist Market, in the creative neighbourhood of Fitzroy, Melbourne. A special location for unique artwork.

«The budgies are the third best-known pet in the world, but nobody knows that the budgies are Australian birds, for this reason, I decided to make a great budgie when they invite me to paint in Melbourne.»

Alejandra de la Torre

 You are more than welcome to visit the place and enjoy «The big budgie». The Rose St Artist Market opens on weekends but you can stop weekly at the spot and enjoy the mural.

More photos at Escalera de Incendios FB.

FALLING IN LOVE WITH… Alejandra de la Torre. Interview and more.

ALEJANDRA DE LA TORRE in Escalera de Incendios.

ROSE ST ARTIST MARKET. 60 Rose Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065. Melbourne. Australia. 2020.