Escalera de Incendios [Fire Escape] is an Art Concept which works with independent and emerging Contemporary Art and Artists developing peculiar Art Projects.


9 years of ART from everywhere for everyone

It was in Barcelona 2012 when we started this amazing adventure through millions of art projects, actions, exhibitions, talks, workshops, collaborations, festivals, fairs and random art activities. Little by little, we play internationally and Escalera de Incendios is becoming a Fire Escape. 2021, 9 years later, we share from Melbourne the brilliant job of Alice Von Daguer.

Introducing ALICE VON DAGUER, welcome to Escalera de Incendios [Fire Escape]

We are so excited to introduce a new photographer to the Escalera de Incendios family. Alicia del Valle a.k.a Alice Von Daguer is a Spanish photographer based in Melbourne. With Alice, we are going to explore the lights and shadows of every single corner in Melbourne. It is a real pleasure to share with you her interesting vision of the detail, the daily rituals which are intensified with the use of black and white.

Are you ready?

Alice Von Daguer



Escalera de Incendios [Fire Escape] is an Art Concept which works with independent and emerging Contemporary Art Artists and Projects. Directed by Anna García Solana, artist and independent art curator. It works from the cloud representing different artists in different disciplines.

It was born in 2012 in Barcelona with the main goal of democratising the art, breaking walls between artist and audience. Facilitating access to art and culture for all audiences through exhibitions, actions, talks, workshops, markets, fairs and art festivals. Since the beginning, it has been defined as a cultural lab where critique and thought are present, an open place for reflection, production and development of thought.

In its online art gallery, we can enjoy the work of its current artists. Nowadays it works on new international projects with artists based in Spain and Australia.

Performance of Marta Pinilla & Miguel Andrés at YGW 2018. Photography by Andrés Aguilar.


Alejandra de la Torre

Alexander Grahovsky

Alice Von Daguer

Anna García

Miguel Andrés

Natalia Carminati


One of the most important projects that Escalera de Incendios [Fire Escape] has developed in Barcelona is the art festival Young Gallery Weekend [YGW]. It is a contemporary art event in which galleries, creative places, emerging artists and independent cultural projects are the players. A vanguard generator, YGW gives visibility to the contemporary cultural scene featuring the most innovative proposals. YGW is a direct encounter with the public and serves as a stimulus for the dissemination of culture in all its forms.

A place granted to young minds.


ART GALLERYWelcome to visit, knowing and enjoying with our artists.

Lifeblood#07 by Anna García